Raphael Quinet said...
|I did not like the GNU style at first (especially the space before the
|opening parenthesis)

I still don't.  Two spaces just isn't enough.  Three
or four is much better.  And I like space before the
paren only if it isn't after a function or procedure

|but now I understand that it is very important to
|keep a consistent coding style in each project, because it keeps the
|code manageable and maintainable.  So I always use whatever coding
|style is recommended for the each project, even if this means that I
|have to format my patches differently for the Gimp and for a Linux
|driver, for instance.  Since the Gimp uses the GNU style, I think that
|it is important to follow the GNU coding guidelines faithfully.

I use to feel this way.  But now, so long as each file has a consisten,
reasonable style (or preferably, package of files, say a directory),
I'm happy.

|While we are on the subject of coding style, there are two areas of
|the Gimp that are not using a consistent coding style: the Script-Fu
|scripts and, to a lesser extent, the Perl scripts.  Is there a
|recommended style for these?

I handle perl as closely as possible to how I handle C.


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