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[snip thought GNU style was bad but it's OK]

> I still don't.  Two spaces just isn't enough.  Three
> or four is much better.  And I like space before the
> paren only if it isn't after a function or procedure
> name.

And I firmly believe that if God had intended we format our code with
spaces, He would have made them wider.  In my own projects, I use a
one-tab-per-indent style. (I have no idea if my style is analagous to
someone else's; I wrote my own .emacs files.) This drives some of my
developers nuts, but it's my perogative, just as it's the GIMP community's
perogative to enforce GNU style.

[snip consistent style important]

> I use to feel this way.  But now, so long as each file has a
> consisten, reasonable style (or preferably, package of files, say a
> directory), I'm happy.

If it's a requirement of a project that one adhere to a specific coding
style, I think it's pretty rude to ignore such a request in contributions
to that code, regardless of one's personal beliefs on the matter.

> I handle perl as closely as possible to how I handle C.

I think Perl should standardize on only 10 or 20 different ways to write a
loop before you start worrying about indentation.  And people wonder why
Python has the whitespace enforcement rules... ::runs from Marc :-)::

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