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>  Well, that the thing I'm talking about.
>  I tried this options and think that it doesn't match it very good.
>  After the first { of a function the source isn't indented for example. 

Then, most probably, you have a very very old or broken version of vim
(or maybe you use another editor, or vim in vi-emulation mode). The whole
point of these options is to make indentation automatic and more-or-less

Anyway, read the docs. It's not black magic to get a little help from your
editor. Or, maybe, change your editor ;)

In any case, giving "my editor does indent differently" is a very poor
reply to a request to follow a specific coding style. You can write
gnu-style using any non-broken editor! So if your editor does indent
differently, use the keys of your keyboard to correct your editor, or read
the docs on how to persuade your editor to do it for you.

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