On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 08:15:44PM +0200, Raphael Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I tried to use the Perl-Fu scripts in 1.1.21 and I saw that all of
> them abort with the following error displayed on the console:
>   ** ERROR (recursed) **: could not find handler for message: 65536
>   aborting...

This happens to any plug-in that doesn't get recompiled when a protocol
bump occurs. Recompiling the perl plug-in would fix that.

> Marc, I suppose that you are aware of this and that you can fix it?

If you give me a log-in on your machine I could fix it ;)

> being mixed with the C plug-ins.  Now it seems to be the contrary: the
> Perl-Fu scripts are listed first in each menu, followed by the usual C
> plug-ins.  This is very distracting.

Hmm... I wonder how the order in the menus is being worked out by the
Gimp? Registration order? Alphabetical? Being able to control the sort
order in some sensible way is highly desirable indeed, but will definitely
not happen in 1.2 (IMHO it's very difficult).

What happened in your case might have been that all the C-plug-ins
(that were reinstalled) registered below the existing plug-ins and the
perl-plug-ins (which you haven't reinstalled) moved to the top.

> a menu is mapped to a C or Perl plug-in.  They behave slightly
> differently (e.g. undo is not always supported, there is a delay of a
> couple of seconds before the plug-in starts)

This describe the behaviour of a subclass of all perl scripts. _Some_ C
plug-ins behave the same, btw, as well.

If you look at earlier discussions of this and related points you'll see that
a seperate menu hierarchy hardly makes sense.

OTOH, I'd be all for some visible indication in the menus itself (although
I am not 100% of wether that makes sense ;) It does not have any
drawbacks, however).

> for a vote or anything like that, but I would like to hear some
> opinions... (no flames please)

This has been discussed many times on this list already...

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