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> NO, please.
> `Special' background layer maybe isn't very intuitive, but automatical
> promoting has the same problem: it's based on a side-effect and it's not

gimp automatically promotes layers on a variety of occasions, without
this being a problem so far.

If an operation wasn't possible before and requires me to do an additional
step (that doesn't loose data), I don't see a problem with making it
automatic. If the user wants to raise the layer he should be able to do

> change a few pixels and try to save it and Gimp will start asking you
> about exporting, and flattening it. That's not anything I would call
> intuitive behaviour.

Gimp should support trained users in the first place. If a user has no
idea what flatten is, or which format supports alpha or not, then greying
out menu entries that could confuse him is not particularly useful.

The only principle problem is that code has to be written to support either

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