Carey Bunks wrote:

> I seem to remember that this is the way PhotoShop does it (I'm going
> to check on this later tonight), and that would probably be a good
> enough reason not to fiddle with this. 

Photoshop furnished Gimp with UI scaffold, but Wilbur is a big boy
now and can have his own human factors. 

Grant the "move layer to top of stack" with an implcit "Add alpha to 

Case 1: The user retains single layer. It should default to RGB
because the user likely to be thinking in alphaless mode.

Case 2: The user has two or more layers. The user has clearly 
switched to alpha mode thinking (s/he is compositing) and is likely
to make various "holes" in layers 2, 3, ...

*But not necessarily layer 1* We should not set alpha on layer
1 without permission from the user. The user may be an old Gimp
hand and has grown accustomed to the background layer's native
opacity. Maybe not, but we should not be presumptuous.

However, once the user makes the background active AND 
clicks on the stacking order arrow to move the so-called
background layer up the stack, s/he has clearly switched to
alpha mode thinking on the background layer itself. So
rather than ghosting that arrow, and denying the user 
permission to move the background layer, we give that 
arrow the special property of "promoting" RGB backgrounds
to RGBA layers the moment the user is obviously attempting
to "lift" it off the background.

This would turn the arrow into a convenient, one click,
Add Alpha function exactly when the user needs it.

I imagine Mitch is coding it already, ;) so I hasten to
point out that we are still in feature freeze.

My two U. S. cents.

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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