When I started using the Gimp, I was about as stupid as they come.  I
even learned linux (what little I know) from the Gimp up.  I am not as
stupid about the Gimp now, but that is about as far as I will go.

I learned the word alpha from that bottom layer being what it is.  

It has become pesky to me as of late.  If the bump map filter would open
up on the bottom layer instead of the top, alot of the peskiness would
go away.  

Sometimes I forget that it is special and waste time "erasing things
white" until I handle it.  After reading the dev mail tonight, I shall
no longer duplicate and remove the layer.  But I go back and forth on
how I handle it and usually I choose according to where the mouse is
closer to, the layers dialog (duplicate and delete) or the image
(Image>Alpha etc).  Doing it the right way has more steps and more
searching menus. It takes more human effort.

The very best thing for me --the stupid but teachable user-- would to
have an option in the preferences to open images in alpha or not. But
default with the image opening as is.  I am glad that the Gimp came like
it did, but now I would like to have the option to turn it off.

Thanks for your time and thanks for your very cool program.


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