I wanted to clean up the command line options a little (to make gimp
even more perfect:) and so i made some changes to not just the
formatting, but also the options themselves. I just wanted to see what
other people think of this, and if the -v -> -V change will affect
anyone adversely.

Heres the new output:

Usage: gimp [option ... ] [file ... ]

  -b, --batch <commands>   Run in batch mode.
  -c, --console-messages   Display warnings to console instead of a
dialog box.
  -d, --no-data            Do not load brushes, gradients, palettes,
  -g, --gimprc <gimprc>    Use an alternate gimprc file.
  -h, --help               Output this help.
  -n, --no-interface       Run without a user interface.
  -r, --restore-session    Try to restore saved session.
  -s, --no-splash          Do not show the startup window.
  -S, --no-splash-image    Do not add an image to the startup window.
  -v, --verbose            Show startup messages.
  -V, --version            Output version information.
  --no-shm                 Do not use shared memory between GIMP and
  --no-xshm                Do not use the X Shared Memory extension.
  --debug-handlers         Enable non-fatal debugging signal
  --display <display>      Use the designated X display.
  --system-gimprc <gimprc> Use an alternate system gimprc file.
  --enable-stack-trace <never | query | always>
                           Debugging mode for fatal signals.

I'd also like to know if there's any reason why a long option, like
"--console-messages" _shouldn't_ have a short option (like "-c").


- Piers

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