tile editor? you so you can make seamles tiles? (im guessing here, dont
know what you mean by tile editor) 

maybe just make a plug in that displays the drawable(s) in an offset view.
of course you would have to have an update button or poll the image
regularly or something silly like that (which is why i never bothered to
make this plug in)

so what we really need is something for alternate forms of displaying the
image, such as offset or hieghtfield (already working on that one, now
that i fixed the silly clipping problem but polling and having an update
button is how im doing it) or mapped to abritrary shapes...

at the least a way for a plug in to know when an image changes...

On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, david rohde wrote:

> I was recently looking at the possibility of a gimp tile editor.  After looking in 
>to it I have
> found that this is really quite difficult to do with the plugin api.
> As far as I can see it would be possible but at the user end it would be messy.
> The plugin would have to create a new canvas, then allow the user to
> draw on this and then read back from the canvas. (and possibly destroy
> it).
> Non editible sections of the image could be protected by being put in a seperate 
>layer.  The user
> could change layers by using a menu on the plugin.
> My main concern is that there is no way (as far as I know) to prevent the user using 
>the layer menu,
> to bypass all of this.
> Is what I am saying making sense?
> Has anyone else encountered this problem?
> Thanks
> David

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