> 2000-11-29  Austin Donnelly  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> * app/curves.c: Applied patch from David Hodson
>   <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> to fix Bug#33399: GIMP crashes when
>   applying curve to Grayscaled image when preview is off.
>   Previously the curves tool attempted a reset when changing
>   image, but didn't correctly do this.  Now it has the
>   (more useful) behaviour of doing a partial reset, where the
>   curve remains the same across multiple invocations, allowing
>   you to apply the same tweak to multiple images.  The internal
>   state relevant to image type/depth is correctly reset,
>   stopping the segfault behaviour seen before.

Well, after two weeks of trying the new behaviour, I find myself
not liking it and request that the initial range transform from
old to new just be the identity transform, as it was
before. Alternately, I request an added toggle button to set the
preferred kinds of initial state.

1. I find the new behaviour useful only when my intended
   effect is "something like" what I tried before, but
   this is not always the case. Often, my intent from one
   invocation of the curve tool to the next is along
   different lines, and in those (very frequent, for me)
   disjoint cases, I find the best starting point is the
   one that applies no transform to the image at all: the
   (former) identity mappings. This permits me to start my
   explorations from the image I have to what I think I
   possibly want. Now I have to somewhat unapply the old
   transform before intuiting what the new transform
   should be.

2. Individuals interested in applying similar transforms
   to a variety of images already had a remedy (which is
   still in place), saving a particular transform to file
   and then reloading it again. The current interface
   change does make this work flow more efficient (no
   save/load), but, I claim, at the cost of the disjoint
   case workflow, the one I frequently (typically) follow.

3. The change in interface has introduced something of an
   initial state bug, which I will report if the group
   thinks the new behaviour should remain in place. When
   the curve tool recalls the previous (not identity)
   transform, the image itself remains unchanged, as if
   the identity transform is in place, and not the actual
   transform manifest in the curve tool. The tranform
   ought to be applied so that the image state matches the
   setting of the curve tool. The "flash" of tiles
   suddenly updating would also furnish a visual cue to
   the user that the transform inside the curve tool is
   currently something other than the identity
   transform. This is a fairly trivial bug to fix; one
   applies a "pseudo mouse move" to invoke image_map.c

If I fall into the minority in this issue, then I (alternately)
request that a toggle button, somewhat like the preview toggle
button, be put in place so that those of us who prefer the old
behaviour (start from the identity transform) can put the
policy in place.

Thank you for your attention; I hope to hear alternate opinions.

Be good, be well,

Garry Osgood

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