Marco Lamberto wrote:
> Some times ago me and other guys complained about a broken support for building
> GIMP's RPMs.
> This time I've fixed the main problem related to the "prefix" var used for
> installation, now changed into "DESTDIR", and I've attached a patch vs 1.2.0.
> I've added the DESTDIR support in the subdirs that still hold the old
> installation prefix.

Great timing, Marco. Yesterday and today I have been working on the .spec
file for GIMP 1.2.0. I have a working one now. I'm just reviewing it as I
am not sure that the libgimp .html files are being installed and probably
should be. I am also trying to decide where scm2scm and scm2perl belong.
Should they be in gimp and gimp-perl respectively, or gimp-devel for both?

Other than that, I will put a patch together for the spec files in a day or

Happy new year everyone!


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