On Sun, 31 Dec 2000, Marc Lehmann wrote:
>> Please check the patch and _please_ merge those changes in order to build
>> again easily and RPMmed GIMP. ;)
>Instead of requiring special rpm support for each and every package, why
>not just fix the package manager? ;->
Eh, eh, I know this old story, not everybody loves RPM but, on my own, I think
it's extremely useful (if you write a decent specfile) not only for novice

>Anyway, I am pleased but astonished that it works without a flaw in the pelr
>subtree, however:
>> -    cd po && \$(MAKE) install
>> +#   cd po && \$(MAKE) install
>Why do you disable the installation of the perl-translation tables? If
>there is another makefile doing the make install, do you know which one it
>is (so it can be fixed)?
Yes, I've forgotten to underline this fix. I've modified ONLY this line in the
perl plug-in dir because the "po" files are installed by the main Makefile, so
the make install will install them twice. By disabling the install section into
the main Makefile would have required changes also into the perl/po Makefile,
while my main goal was to let the perl stuff almost unchanged.

>> +                    if test ! -z "$(DESTDIR)" && test ! -z "$(GIMP_PERL)" && test 
>"$$subdir" = "$(GIMP_PERL)"; then \
>> +                            local_target="PREFIX=$(DESTDIR)$(prefix) 
>gimpplugindir=$(DESTDIR)$(gimpplugindir) $$local_target"; \
>Nifty ;)
>(Anyway, it does look good at least to me ;)
Eh, eh, yeah, surely I can write down a better test code however I've used the
same style used into the whole script, I suppose this stuff was done for
compatibility issues so I don't minded if it was ugly or too long. ;)
The "local_target" hack is a trick that makes the perl plug-in installing in
the "old" way (gimp <= 1.1.25).
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