Marco Lamberto wrote:
> This time I've fixed the main problem related to the "prefix" var used for
> installation, now changed into "DESTDIR", and I've attached a patch vs 1.2.0.
> I've added the DESTDIR support in the subdirs that still hold the old
> installation prefix.

I tried building an RPM file using the four of your original 6 DESTDIR
patches as I mentioned in a previous message. It turns out that the 'dir'
variable already has the DESTDIR information in it. If you add DESTDIR it
winds up in there twice. I know this having captured the full output of an
RPM build. It seems the DESTDIR patches you indicated are not needed (other
than the one in the spec file itself which I had already found).

I am currently half way through what should be the final RPM build. I will
upload the patches later tonight or tomorrow once I have packaged
everything up.


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