On Mon, Jan 01, 2001 at 08:59:51AM +0100, Marco Lamberto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >not just fix the package manager? ;->
> Eh, eh, I know this old story, not everybody loves RPM but, on my own, I think
> it's extremely useful (if you write a decent specfile) not only for novice

It is (and rpm per se does not require DESTDIR anyway), but I somehow
question the the usefuleness of changing each and every package for .rpm,
.deb, .slp, .tgz, gcc-2.96 variants of ome distributors etc....

(So, nothing specific against rpm, jsuta aginst having to modify the
packages, even if it is easier for many packages ;)

> >Why do you disable the installation of the perl-translation tables? If
> Yes, I've forgotten to underline this fix. I've modified ONLY this line in the
> perl plug-in dir because the "po" files are installed by the main Makefile, so

This is not good. Can you outline what needs to be changed (since I, in my
endless dumbness, can't find it and gimp does not compile for me at the

> the main Makefile would have required changes also into the perl/po Makefile,
> while my main goal was to let the perl stuff almost unchanged.

I can understand this, however I am quite in favour of fixing more cruft
and build anomalies, there are a lot of them (o.k., decreasing..) ;)

> >> +                          local_target="PREFIX=$(DESTDIR)$(prefix) 
>gimpplugindir=$(DESTDIR)$(gimpplugindir) $$local_target"; \

Oh, now I can see the problem. You use the same prefix as gimp (do
you?). This will produce severely broken rpms unless the gimp prefix
equals the perl prefix, which somehow makes the whole exercise superfluous.

Do not use the gimp's prefix, otherwise your rpm's will only run on
unmodified standard redhat systems where gimp is installed in /usr/bin.

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