Marco Lamberto wrote:
> Good, I've attached a revised patch of mine vs the that should fix
> some stuff. It was contributed by my friend Giandomenico Di Tullio.
> I hope this will help you. ;)

Thanks, Marco. That patch shows most of the changes I have already made
myself. There are a few other changes I made which aren't in the version
from your friend.

Is the result of the discussion re: Marco's DESTDIR patches that all 6 of
them do need to be applied? There were two that seemed questionable at
first. If so, I will add the other two which I am not using yet to the
patch set which will be used to make RPM files. Other than this last issue,
I feel I have everything ready to be released.

You can thank my poor overworked Pentium II 266 for this Marco. It takes me
about an hour to build the RPMs as well.


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