On Tue, May 01, 2012 at 08:52:16PM +0200, Marco Ciampa wrote:
> Doing exactly this I just noted that the already translated strings in
> one .po file do not magically ;-) move from one file to another...
> (from introduction to appendix...)
> I need a way to avoid to create uneeded work to other translators...how
> can I move all those strings for _all_ the languages .po files?

There's no simple (make) command to do this, but you can try this
(not tested!):

1. backup appendix.po and introduction.po ;-)

2a. try 'msgmerge' with the '--compendium=FILE' option:

        $ msgmerge --quiet --width=79 \
              --compendium=po/xx/introduction.po \
              --output-file=po/xx/appendix.po \
              po/xx/appendix.po pot/appendix.pot

    and compare new and old appendix.po.

2b. try it with 'make' using the 'COMPENDIUM' variable:

        # save introduction.po:
        $ cp po/xx/introduction.po po/xx/tmp-compendium.po
        $ make po/xx/appendix.po COMPENDIUM=tmp-compendium.po

    and, once more, compare new and old appendix.po.

(Remember to always use the original (saved) appendix.po, if you try
both methods.)

If this works, you can do it with a simple for-loop for all languages.

If it's too complicate you can also notify me after pushing your
changed xml files and I'll try to find out how to move our old


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