On Fri, May 04, 2012 at 11:36:09AM +0200, Marco Ciampa wrote:
> Why should it be different? It launch a different command?

It should be the same, but to compare both methods you should run

        orig ---(method1)---> result1 
        orig ---(method2)---> result2 

instead of

        orig ---(method1)---> result1 ---(method2)---> result2

... and then compare result1 and result2.

> Done this:
>     msgmerge --width=79 \
>              --compendium=po/${PONAT}/${POSRCS}.po \
>              --output-file=po/${PONAT}/${PODEST}.po \
>              po/${PONAT}/${PODEST}.po pot/${PODEST}.pot


> PS: May I ask you a favour Ulf? Can you tell me why the command syntax is 
> that?
> Why you have to specify appendix.po(t) three times? 


> it seems just a 2 argument command...

Copy-and-paste-and-adapt error. ;-) The command we run via 'make' uses
a temporary file as output (if I remember correctly, 'msgmerge'
sometimes produced an empty po file). So I should have written
something like

        $ msgmerge ... --compendium=OLD_PO --output-file=TMP NEW_PO POT \
          && cp TMP NEW_PO

But I had warned you - I didn't test it! ;-)


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