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Le 29/04/2012 20:43, Marco Ciampa a écrit :
Reading the manual from the start, just after the intro, you see

What's New in GIMP 2.6?

Why do not clone it creating a new section

What's New in GIMP 2.8?

I think that this could be a good starting point:

Why you don't write it?
With your assistance, I can try to do it.
My english is poor.
My knowledge of docbook-xml is inexistant.
But I know these are excuses... I'll try.

If you don't mind I'll post here my doubts...
First of all, thanks for the encuraging messages I've received.
They warm my heart.

Here we are for the questions.

1) I found that simply modifying this file


is easier than I though

2) I was in doubt if it was better adding a new "What's new with GIMP 2.8"
    leaving the old section renamed into "What was new with GIMP 2.6" but
    maybe is an overkill...

Please _say_ what you _all_ think about it:
If the 2.6 documentation will be available in the future, there is no reason to repeat it in the 2.8 version. In my opinion a "What's new in 2.8" chapter will be enough. Perhaps two new chapters in appendix A instead: "What's new in 2.6?" and "What's new in 2.8?" would satisfy the curious user.

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