Dne 20.12.2010 07:50, Julien Hardelin napsal(a):
> Le 19/12/2010 17:34, Miroslav Šulc a écrit :
>>>> I'll apply only changes in source xml files.
>>> cool, thanks. i have more patches on my disk, and planning to make a
>>> patch for other stuff too, like the capitalization of titles (and
>>> uncapitalization of image labels), tagging ui objects etc ... just need
>>> to know what is supposed to be the right style for the docs as it is not
>>> obvious to me yet.
> I have several English books  and in all, title are capitalized. Image
> legends are not capitalized, excepted when they they refer to a command.
> Example: "The Save as Brush dialog, showing a sample brush".
that is the same what i saw in the "GNOME Documentation Style Guide"
that Jan Smith pointed to. imo that is the style guide that should be
used for gimp documentation too, but i am not the one to say that, proly
Róman is the right person to say that :-)
>>> also, i agree with you that the fixes should probably be done only in
>>> src dir, the translation teams will get them once they update their po
>>> files as it affects also msgid items. i have no idea how much it will
>>> break their work as the msgid values will be new and will not match what
>>> comes from the main xml files. from this point of view patching also
>>> msgid lines would be better, but it's a question whether some inner po
>>> logic will not be broken by that.
> Modifying msgid strings manually is nonsense.
> A normal workflow is:
> - git pull --rebase
> This will update, in your repo, src/*.xml files and synchronize po files
> if another translator made changes in them.
> - make pot-xx
> This updates pot files according to changes in xml files.
> - make po-xx
> This updates your po files: msgid strings are updated and marked with a
> "#, fuzzy" comment.
yes, i understand the workflow, i just did not want to create too much
work for nothing for the translation teams as they will get every text
that contains typos marked as fuzzy. and if they do not follow, they
will wonder why their text is fuzzy and will waste time on checking the
translation. it make no sense to me to mark their work fuzzy when "the
the" is replaced with "the" etc. so you are sure you wanna go the fuzzy way?
>>> up to that, the changes are just in english language, so it affects
>>> either the untranslated texts or the msgid lines, not their translations.
>> just as thinking about it, please let me know what way you wanna apply
>> the patches. if you wanna change just src files, i can adjust the
>> patches. i used mostly grep and sed for these patches so they were fast
>> to create, but there were also cases with one line ending with "the" and
>> following line beginning with "the" so some changes were not that trivial.
> Patches are applied to the src/*.xml files.
>> also, as these issues occur both in gimp-help-2-6-0 and in master, in my
>> opinion they should go first to branch gimp-help-2-6-0 and then should
>> be merged to master (and after that master should be searched for any
>> ommitted cases), but i noticed there is quite a lot (exactly 9) unmerged
>> changes between gimp-help-2-6-0 and master so i am not sure you port
>> everything from 2.6 branch to master. up to that, some changes, though
>> not merged from the branch, are in the master anyway, which confuses me
>> even more  :-)
> Don't worry about gimp-help-2.6.0.
> We work on master only. Our boss, Roman, periodically makes a new
> release of this help (which is always behind the master...)
he makes releases of the gimp-help-2.6.0 branch? i proly did not
understand this correctly, as according to Ulf, this branch should be
obsolete now, but it reappeared in repo again.
>> after this, i can adjust the patches and prepare the rest of patches (i
>> have total 10, just 6 are at bugzilla atm) and i will know how to
>> prepare the rest.
> Please send patches directly to me, so that I am not obliged to retrieve
> them from Bugzilla.
ok. i have 12 patches now here and more will be coming. i just need your
confirmation that you want the typo fixes do the "fuzzy" way (as
described above in this mail) and then i will send them all your way in
proper format.
> Julien
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