Dne 21.12.2010 15:51, Julien Hardelin napsal(a):
> Hi Miroslav,
> Your patches have been pushed.
thank you. i noticed it cost you one hour of work.
> Good work!
> Could you tell us how you modified msgid strings in po files? A command
> line? A script?
i did all the fixes with grep and sed, except the case of "the the"
string where one "the" was at the end of one line and the other "the"
was at the beginning of following line ... that i edited manually though
it could be automated too, but it does not deserve the effort. editing
everything manually would be very time consuming. still, it cost me over
one hour just the last time to prepare the patches.

also, for typo issues i used whole git repo, whereas for changes in
words i used just src dir. the simple case looked like this:

for file in `git grep -l " you you "`; do sed -i "s/ you you / you /g"
$file; done

the whole process was little bit more complicated as i wanted to be sure
the result is exactly what i want, so it was like pre-scan, modify,
check, commit.

about the msgid, it should work imo as we changed the typos both in src
and po files the same way, so after concatenating the msgid strings, the
result should be still the same as in xml files.

i'll prepare you more patches when i find some time, as there are more
issues i found.
> Julien
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