Julien Hardelin (Monday, 20. December 2010)
> Le 19/12/2010 22:57, Miroslav Šulc a écrit :
> > i just found that in that time .po files were not used yet, all
> > translations were done in the xml files with language attributes.
> > i wonder what was the way you used to migrate the translations
> > from xml files to po files, unless you did it manually.
> There has been so many changes in the gimp-help-2 tree since we
> migrated to po that an automatical tranfer is not possible now,
> IMO.
> Ulf, who made this migration would give a more documented advice.

Oh god, that was 100 years ago.... ;-)

We used a script to split the multi-language xml files and create po 
files using as many extracted translations as possible, if I remember 

So we'd had to checkout a really old version and repeat this step for 
cz po files. But the resulting po files would probably contain 99% 
fuzzy or untranslated strings...

If you (Miroslav) are interested I can try to create cz po files (this 
evening or so).


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