Dne 20.12.2010 12:01, Ulf-D. Ehlert napsal(a):
> Julien Hardelin (Monday, 20. December 2010)
>> Le 19/12/2010 22:57, Miroslav Šulc a écrit :
>>> i just found that in that time .po files were not used yet, all
>>> translations were done in the xml files with language attributes.
>>> i wonder what was the way you used to migrate the translations
>>> from xml files to po files, unless you did it manually.
>> There has been so many changes in the gimp-help-2 tree since we
>> migrated to po that an automatical tranfer is not possible now,
>> IMO.
>> Ulf, who made this migration would give a more documented advice.
> Oh god, that was 100 years ago.... ;-)
> We used a script to split the multi-language xml files and create po 
> files using as many extracted translations as possible, if I remember 
> correctly.
> So we'd had to checkout a really old version and repeat this step for 
> cz po files. But the resulting po files would probably contain 99% 
> fuzzy or untranslated strings...
> If you (Miroslav) are interested I can try to create cz po files (this 
> evening or so).
well, i wanted to see how much could be used from the old translation =>
how much work it would need to update it to 2.6/2.8. btw, though we have
domain .cz, language code is cs.

also, as i saw there are many typos and other language issues in english
version, i do not plan to start with czech translation until english
version is clean, which will sure take some time. i have no idea whether
there would be a difference exporting czech po files out of it now or
one month later after many typo fixes in the english version. whether it
would still match the translations as fuzzy or they would not match at
all. what you think?
> Bye,
> Ulf
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