Hi Michael,

OK for substance.

Some remarks about form:

 > Lastly, how important is the way these files are indented? I always use
 > tabs, and any editor I'm familiar with uses tabs to indent lines, while
 > these files seem to use spaces. Is is important to indent the XML in
 > this way?

- TAB are set to 2 spaces.

- Lines are less than 80 characters and spaces.

- When explaining a term, please add an <indexterm>
   This will automatcally appear in the "index" chapter: last line in 
the html summary.

- I noticed 2 typos: "reslution" and "noticable". You probably have a 
spelling command in your editor.

> what
> is the significance of adding "acronym" and "quote" tags? what are they
> for? they seem to have no influence on the final output.

For "acronym>, I don't know. But "quote" is important for 
internationalization. With <quote>Hello</quote>, I automatically get the 
French quotes in French html (« Hello ») with indivisible spaces!

I made these changes in your xml file. Do you want I push your changes?



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