>     - When explaining a term, please add an <indexterm>
>     <indexterm>
>     <primary>Resolution</primary>
>     </indexterm>
>        This will automatcally appear in the "index" chapter: last line in
>     the html summary.
> I've been meaning to ask about this: There were 7 terms in concepts.xml
> but only one of them, channels, had an indexterm. So if I understand
> correctly, the reason is that those other terms are explained at length
> elsewhere, and THOSE places are linked to in the index, while there is
> no other reference to resolution in the help?

That is docbook rules: there is no varlistentry parent for indexterm but 
there is title. In varlistentry you must include indexterm within <term> 
Please see >  http://docbook.org/tdg/en/html/indexterm.html
There are some inconsistencies in the index. It has to be reviewed.

>     I made these changes in your xml file. Do you want I push your changes?
> Sure.


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