Michael Grosberg (Tuesday, 22. February 2011)
> what is the significance of adding "acronym" and "quote" tags?
> what are they for? they seem to have no influence on the final
> output.

<quote> tags are important to set the correct quotation chars.

<acronym> tags are used to convert the enclosed text to capital 
letters, AFAIK (I never did any tests), and add
    <acronym class="acronym">...</acronym>
to the HTML output, which may be used in CSS stylesheets.
So right now they are not really important -- it's good style and 
correct if you use them, but nothing happens if you forget it.

> Lastly, how important is the way these files are indented? I always
> use tabs, and any editor I'm familiar with uses tabs to indent
> lines, while these files seem to use spaces. Is is important to
> indent the XML in this way?

By convention we use two spaces. Mixing tabs and spaces will make the 
XML files less readable, especially if someone uses a different 


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