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P.S.: I think you can test the themes with the released 2.9.2, but you
won't have support for the symbolic icons, I believe. If you want to try
these, you'll need to have the master version.

Doesn't this requirement exclude any of us mere mortals testing this
on Windows due to the lack of nightly builds?

With the released 2.9.2, you should still be able to check out the theme (install it in %APPDATA%/GIMP/2.9/themes/ on Windows, NSApplicationSupportDirectory/GIMP/2.9/themes/ under OSX and ~/.config/GIMP/2.9/themes under Unix-like systems).

You won't be able to see the Symbolic icon set though, but anyway this is a separate thing now (the theme does not embed the icons anymore, so that in the end, you will be able to use the dark theme with the color, the symbolic set, or any other user-contributed icon set).

Anyway this thread is to discuss the theme part only (colors, contrasts, borders, scrollbar, and other theme stuff) so it does not matter. I only made this note for testers not to be surprised if you don't see the symbolic icons which many screenshots show.
Sorry, that was confusing. My fault.


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