On 12/29/2015 01:07 PM, Jehan wrote:
To add a little more depth to this all, these are the in-progress
versions of the new default themes for GIMP.
Well at least, there would be a light and a dark version. Now one
question is: do we want to release also intermediate greys, which seems
to be a common request?

Is this the kind of feedback you are looking for?

Please do include the Gray theme. Personally I don't like dark themes, to the point where if that's my only choice I'll either find a way to modify the theme colors or else I shy away from using the application at all.

The Gray and Light themes are both very nice, and both seem to run just fine on Gentoo Linux, as does the (far too dark for my preferences) "dark side of GIMP" theme.

For the Gray theme I chose the lighter symbolic icons, and for the Light theme, I chose the darker symbolic icons. Otherwise there was too little contrast between the icons and the background.

The Light theme color is light enough to be "light" without crossing the (somewhat indefinite) line into "too bright for comfortable continuous viewing", though the theme is definitely on the brighter side of light. For comparison, the Krita "bright" theme is actually darker than the GIMP Light theme, being very close in tonality to the current default GIMP theme.

If I had to use GIMP in single window mode (something I never do), with the Light theme I'd use the "dark check" (middle gray) background option, which is very close to what Krita uses as the background for the Krita "bright" theme.

Whoever drew the new monotone icons, they are *very* nice. Though in some ways I find the old icons with color a bit easier to look at/recognize, possibly only because I've looked at them for so long.

FWIW, I'll probably switch over from the Default to the SeaofGray theme, but still use the Default theme icons.

Using Preferences to change from one theme to the next several times in a row makes the Toolbox get one icon narrower each time a different theme is selected.

Some icons are missing, but I think you already have a list?


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