There was a recent call sent out for new and updated assets for the next version of GIMP (icons, themes mainly) and some of those have started rolling in, i've submitted several themes myself and so far one has made it in. I was asked to get the ball rolling on the subject, so here it goes :) Maybe for starters offer input on the current Dark Theme and if there might be interest in a new light & grey theme as well or any other suggestions for that matter. You can find the themes here:

Dark Theme

Grey Theme

Light Theme

Alternate Light Theme (Lighter, more color contrast on some items/widgets)

The links have screenshots, and 7z files with the theme asset (and the dark theme has patches for the gimp crew).

So far i've tested the Dark Theme on KDE(Ubuntu/Plasma), Unity (Ubuntu), Windows 8.1 (and wine on Linux), OSX (Maverick) to make sure it had a consistent feel across platforms. The only caveats so far were under KDE where i had to toggle off the option " Apply colors to non-Qt applications" because without that KDE overrides some GTK widget theme colors and icons. As a side note i am currently awaiting feedback on the Dark Theme under KDE before applying the KDE tweaks i made there to the other themes.

So guess have at it, let me and the GIMP crew know what you think.

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