On 12/29/2015 06:41 PM, Elle Stone wrote:
On 12/29/2015 03:53 PM, Jehan wrote:

On 2015-12-29 21:14, Elle Stone wrote:
The Gray and Light themes are both very nice, and both seem to run
just fine on Gentoo Linux, as does the (far too dark for my
preferences) "dark side of GIMP" theme.

Which Desktop/Windows manager, please? We had some issues when testing
on KDE for instance so that's important information. :-)

I use IceWm.

Glad to know it works there as well.

Which light theme are you refering to? The light (bug 759648) or
alternate lighter one (bug 759830)?

Ah, I overlooked "the light side of GIMP" - that's nice! - not as light as the Lighter theme, very close to the current default GIMP theme in tonality.

That was my original light theme (opposite color scheme from the dark theme), Jehan preferred something lighter hence the alternate version.

I personally prefer the lighter one and thought that the first one was a
little too much on the grey side. I don't think we will ship both, so
we'd have to decide.
My idea is that if we provide a light, a grey and a dark one, it makes
sense that the "light" one is really light.

For quick comparison, this screenshot shows darktable (very dark), RawTherapee (middle dark), Krita's darkest theme (about as dark as RawTherapee), and the GIMP "Dark side" (as dark as darktable), plus GIMP's "Sea of Gray" themes: http://ninedegreesbelow.com/bug-reports/gimp29/dark-themes.jpg

This screenshot shows GIMP's "Sea of Gray", "Light" and "Light side of GIMP" themes, along with Krita's Neutral theme and one of Krita's two lightest themes: http://ninedegreesbelow.com/bug-reports/gimp29/middle-grey-light-themes.jpg

Krita's five themes range from as dark as RawTherapee's theme to as light as the "light side of GIMP" themes, which is to say not quite as light as the GIMP Light(er) theme.

Thanks for the comparison shots. You might prefer to use the Symbolic inverted icons with SeaOfGray, their visibility is better than the original symbolic set for that theme.
with the Light theme I'd use the "dark check" (middle gray) background
option, which is very close to what Krita uses as the background for
the Krita "bright" theme.

Are you suggesting we could use this same middle gray colour for one of
the theme?

"The Sea of Gray" theme is already very close to middle gray. But middle gray might make a good default image background color for when GIMP is in SWM.

On the one hand, editing GIMP theme gtkrc files to change theme colors isn't all that difficult. On the other hand, many people will never edit a config file. Would it be too much to offer five default themes, more or less spaced as follows?

1. Very dark ("Dark side of GIMP" / compare to darktable's default theme)
2. Medium dark (compare to RawTherapee's default theme and Krita's darkest theme, for people who like "dark but not that dark")
3. Middle gray ("Sea of Gray" / compare to Krita's Neutral theme)
4. Medium light ("Light side of GIMP"/ compare to Krita's two lighter themes) 5. Very light (the Lighter theme from bug 759830, or depending on feedback from people who prefer very light themes, maybe a touch lighter?).

Elle you can see the original dark theme i had created for myself here https://github.com/draekko/gimp-cc-themes you'll find it a tad lighter than what i've submitted for GIMP (i modeled it originally to be closer to PS, the icon set is mostly mine there, i had been working on replacing them before i knew about the symbolic set now in the git repository in case you were wondering).

Maybe we could have that color scheme in between dark and middle gray? That would give a bigger range theme tonality for most tastes with whats already there. Tweaking the dark theme to that one could be done quickly to have an alternative dark theme.

Using Preferences to change from one theme to the next several times
in a row makes the Toolbox get one icon narrower each time a different
theme is selected.

are you really saying that each time
you switch themes, you get X, then X-1, then X-2, then X-3, and so on
tools in the toolbox?
Because I can't reproduce this.

As I switch themes, each time the toolbox gets one icon narrower, but this doesn't start happening until I've switched themes several times, not sure what triggers it.

Does it also happen with the Default & Small themes? I switch themes (and reload them) a lot during testing and i haven't encountered that? Could be something specific with icewm & gimp?


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