Hello all,
some features that are interesting to discuss to digital painting tasks:

1 - Erase on-the-fly via shortcut to some Paint Tools
The ability to have the eraser dynamics of Paintbrush, Pencil, Airbrush,
and Ink tools. For example, using a key to change the state (erase or paint
with the current tool), for instance, the Ctrl+Shift or another choice. So
we would have the same brush to paint and to erase ... I find it
interesting and important to have the option of deleting the same spot that
we are using to paint or draw and the fast way (for example, as color
picker via Ctrl key)

We have the possibility to share the brush/dynamics with the eraser too
with Preferences > Tool options = Paint Options Shared Between Tools. It is
good if the use between the tools is not repetitive or massive. In MyPaint
and Krita, we can use the key 'E', to enable temporary the eraser ability.
Basically we talking the same behavior that actually we have with pick
color on all paint tools, via the Ctrl key.

I've made a short video using Krita... to exemplify this feature... in this
video is used the key E to enable the feature to erase and again E to
disable the feature. On MyPaint the feature has the same behavior and
shortcut key.
Link to short movie: https://youtu.be/36zctEmkPlM

2 - Dynamic brush size
One way to enlarge and / or reduce the brush without having to be
constantly using the tool options or the [and] for this. This can be done
on Krita, using the SHIFT + Drag.
Link to short movie: https://youtu.be/wOGBDRWpgOs

In part, the graphic tablets, do it... but is impossible to resolve the
scale range. To have the possibility helps the artist to have on-the-fly
different range scales is better.
In 2014 I had a short thread with Alexia and the focus around the Size was
the possibility to have a range (min and max) in the UI. This is another
thing interesting... but this signify also to have the presets and not
necessarily this resolve all artists' tasks.
To have a feature to scale dynamically the Size is interesting to avoid,
for example, sets of brushes thought to different size ranges; a fast way
to control range sizes with graphical tablets, etc...

3 - Dynamic zoom
A dynamic zoom directly with the mouse or tablet's stylus ... the keyboard
shortcut (+) and (-) are difficult to use in painting session. Zoom tool
becomes a bit annoying while painting ... every time you have to select via
tool box or via keyboard zoom then painting, and to reselect again the
paint tool.

On MyPaint and Krita this feature is present, and they are similar
behavior. On MyPaint, for instance, the zoom is enabled with Ctrl+Drag.

4 - Paintbrush and Pattern
The feature is basically to have the option of a brush stroke over a
The brush will work normally (with all tool options + Pattern), with
parametric or raster (.vbr, .gbr, .gih),  'feeling' the pattern as
See figure of feature on Krita:
On the Tool Options will have a new entry to choose the Pattern to apply in
the Paint Tool (basically Pencil, Paintbrush, Eraser and Airbrush).

5- Paint with Smudge tool.
To have on the main Paint tools the possibility to blend (smudge) directly
when we are painting or drawing.
On GIMP, now, is possible to make it in two steps - first we paint
something (Pencil, Paintbrush, Airbrush, etc.) and after with Smudge tool
blend the stains/strokes [http://postimg.org/image/jn6m99dvt/].
Basically this feature would be the current Smudge tool with the
possibility to paint directly on canvas. Now the Smudge tools has only the
capability to blend the stains using the brushes.
With MyPaint brushes, is possible to have the smudge on... but they are
parametric kind. In the ideal painting world, would be interesting to have
also the raster brushes with this feature... that is an unique tool.

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