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> 5- Paint with Smudge tool.
> To have on the main Paint tools the possibility to blend (smudge) directly
> when we are painting or drawing.
> On GIMP, now, is possible to make it in two steps - first we paint
> something (Pencil, Paintbrush, Airbrush, etc.) and after with Smudge tool
> blend the stains/strokes [http://postimg.org/image/jn6m99dvt/].
> Basically this feature would be the current Smudge tool with the
> possibility to paint directly on canvas. Now the Smudge tools has only the
> capability to blend the stains using the brushes.
> With MyPaint brushes, is possible to have the smudge on... but they are
> parametric kind. In the ideal painting world, would be interesting to have
> also the raster brushes with this feature... that is an unique tool.

On GIMP the Smudge tool is thought to blend strokes or area colors... a
hand-made degrade.
This approach is correct and good to many tasks and areas (photography
retouching, mainly, in my opinion).
Is possible also to use the tool on the painting tasks... but contrains to
think the work in two phases or steps:

1. first, I put the colours or strokes of different colours.
2. after, I blend them with smudge.

In my opinion, but is not a rule, many artists are using the Smudge Tool,
with two steps because they don't have the possibility of a paint tool
where they could to blend directly when they are painting.
To have these two steps not together, become the work a bit more long time
and a bit more cold... but is not a rule too. I am sure, that is necessary
more time to make in this way.
To digital painters, more colourists, this possibility is a great hand to
have a painting more gestual and with more affinity to each artist style.

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