>> I really like this feature from Krita and My paint but I think it would
be very inconsistent with from the way every other short cut we have. does
switching back and forth between tools using N, P, E, A, and K work for you?
> Essentially yes. The shortcuts we can modify and in many cases to adopt a
pattern or schema friendly between different apps. Normally in the painting
tasks, one painter, has his own schema... and in GIMP is possible to do a
short toolbox to do it. But is not my scope discuss that in this thread ;-)

What about this. By default GIMP would remain as it is now, press E to
select the eraser and E again would not do anything. But if you want the
workflow you want you can set a "toggle eraser" shortcut, if set to E
pressing E would select the eraser pressing it again would go back to the
previous tool you had selected.  This way GIMP would stay consistent by
default and if you want to change it to work better in your workflow you

This inconsistency wouldn't matter to you because you set it up and are now
expecting it. On the other hand it would be very strange for a new user if
the eraser was the only tool that toggled like this.

>> I personally turn off the sharing options in the tool options because
when I use the brush and the pen or the air brush I expect them to be
different.  I manly use brush and the eraser but I think I might turn them
back on now.
> I think that the 'Paint Options Shared Between Tools' works fine in many
cases... but not to all. My suggestion, here, is to provide another option
to have the eraser directly on paint tool. For me and many painters that
are using MyPaint and Krita, this feature is working fine.

Oh OK that sounds good

> Idea: well, the eraser directly, via a shortcut, as we've with pick
color, could be the same tool with a mode blend to erase or to clean the
strokes/stains. Perhaps in this way is more easy to create the conditions
of this feature.

Are you saying to change holding Ctrl from color picker to smudge?

>> Here is a plug in that does what you are looking for. I agree that this
would be a nice feature to have come with GIMP.  There have been a few
brainstorm pages over the years about this topics here, here, here, here,
and here.  I don't know if there is a feature request in bugzilla though.
>> The plugin does not work in GIMP 2.9 as the function it uses is
deprecated.  I am unable to log into the plugin registry or I would report
the bug I am having.  Here is the error I am getting.
>> WARNING: Plug-In "dynamic_brush_resize.py"
>> (/home/andrew/.config/GIMP/2.9/plug-ins/dynamic_brush_resize.py)
>> called deprecated procedure 'gimp-brushes-get-spacing'.
>> It should call 'gimp-brush-get-spacing' instead!
> I know this plugin, but I think that this proposal is the better.
> The feature on Krita is basically of the proposal above, simple and

I wanted to let you know about it in case you did not.  Also I think that
this plug in could be used as a starting point for this feature. Just make
it a bit more aesthetically pleasing.  I do like in the first brain storm
page you have the option to rotate the brush. I have also see in another
app moving left and right to change the size of the brush, up and down to
change the hardness of the brush.

>> This is honestly one of the greatest features of My paint.  To very
quickly zoom in and out like this is so amazing. I would add shift+Drag to
rotate the image once that feature is done as well.
> My main difficulty to use GIMP and MyPaint together is the 'zoom'...
until this moment is great fight with the keyboard :-)
> To have another way to make dynamic zoom, aligned or configurable
(Ctrl+Drag) with the other apps is a great thing.

Yes it works great in mypaint.

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