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> >> I really like this feature from Krita and My paint but I think it would
> be very inconsistent with from the way every other short cut we have. does
> switching back and forth between tools using N, P, E, A, and K work for you?
> >
> > Essentially yes. The shortcuts we can modify and in many cases to adopt
> a pattern or schema friendly between different apps. Normally in the
> painting tasks, one painter, has his own schema... and in GIMP is possible
> to do a short toolbox to do it. But is not my scope discuss that in this
> thread ;-)
> What about this. By default GIMP would remain as it is now, press E to
> select the eraser and E again would not do anything. But if you want the
> workflow you want you can set a "toggle eraser" shortcut, if set to E
> pressing E would select the eraser pressing it again would go back to the
> previous tool you had selected.  This way GIMP would stay consistent by
> default and if you want to change it to work better in your workflow you
> can.
This is the ideal approach ("toggle eraser" shortcut => in this way we have
the eraser tool enabled)... Press E key enable eraser... press again E and
back the tool that we are using.

Another approach, but I am not sure if is possible, is to have a shortcut
to enable the paint tool with blend mode + foreground color to erase the
stroke/stain, for example, Addition with white color as foreground works
fine to delete.

The main question here is: we want/need erase or to eliminate a wrong
stroke (this a simple task) or we need the Eraser Tool to make things more
complex? I am thinking that the two options are important... but for me, a
shortcut to delete is main thing in this task.

The two ways to resolve the task... could be to result in different ways to
solve the issue.

> This inconsistency wouldn't matter to you because you set it up and are
> now expecting it. On the other hand it would be very strange for a new user
> if the eraser was the only tool that toggled like this.
> >> I personally turn off the sharing options in the tool options because
> when I use the brush and the pen or the air brush I expect them to be
> different.  I manly use brush and the eraser but I think I might turn them
> back on now.
> >
> > I think that the 'Paint Options Shared Between Tools' works fine in many
> cases... but not to all. My suggestion, here, is to provide another option
> to have the eraser directly on paint tool. For me and many painters that
> are using MyPaint and Krita, this feature is working fine.
Oh OK that sounds good
> > Idea: well, the eraser directly, via a shortcut, as we've with pick
> color, could be the same tool with a mode blend to erase or to clean the
> strokes/stains. Perhaps in this way is more easy to create the conditions
> of this feature.
> Are you saying to change holding Ctrl from color picker to smudge?
No, is only a example, of a thing that is present, of a way to do this...
for instance, now, if we can pick a color, while we are drawing/painting...
we can do it with the Ctrl key press... and the picker color is temporally

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