> 1 - Erase on-the-fly via shortcut to some Paint Tools
> The ability to have the eraser dynamics of Paintbrush, Pencil, Airbrush,
> and Ink tools. For example, using a key to change the state (erase or paint
> with the current tool), for instance, the Ctrl+Shift or another choice. So
> we would have the same brush to paint and to erase ... I find it
> interesting and important to have the option of deleting the same spot that
> we are using to paint or draw and the fast way (for example, as color
> picker via Ctrl key)
> We have the possibility to share the brush/dynamics with the eraser too
> with Preferences > Tool options = Paint Options Shared Between Tools. It is
> good if the use between the tools is not repetitive or massive. In MyPaint
> and Krita, we can use the key 'E', to enable temporary the eraser ability.
> Basically we talking the same behavior that actually we have with pick
> color on all paint tools, via the Ctrl key.
> I've made a short video using Krita... to exemplify this feature... in
> this video is used the key E to enable the feature to erase and again E to
> disable the feature. On MyPaint the feature has the same behavior and
> shortcut key.
> Link to short movie: https://youtu.be/36zctEmkPlM

I really like this feature from Krita and My paint but I think it would be
very inconsistent with from the way every other short cut we have. does
switching back and forth between tools using N, P, E, A, and K work for
you?  I personally turn off the sharing options in the tool options because
when I use the brush and the pen or the air brush I expect them to be
different.  I manly use brush and the eraser but I think I might turn them
back on now.

2 - Dynamic brush size
> One way to enlarge and / or reduce the brush without having to be
> constantly using the tool options or the [and] for this. This can be done
> on Krita, using the SHIFT + Drag.
> Link to short movie: https://youtu.be/wOGBDRWpgOs
> In part, the graphic tablets, do it... but is impossible to resolve the
> scale range. To have the possibility helps the artist to have on-the-fly
> different range scales is better.
> In 2014 I had a short thread with Alexia and the focus around the Size was
> the possibility to have a range (min and max) in the UI. This is another
> thing interesting... but this signify also to have the presets and not
> necessarily this resolve all artists' tasks.
> To have a feature to scale dynamically the Size is interesting to avoid,
> for example, sets of brushes thought to different size ranges; a fast way
> to control range sizes with graphical tablets, etc...

Here <http://registry.gimp.org/node/27608> is a plug in that does what you
are looking for. I agree that this would be a nice feature to have come
with GIMP.  There have been a few brainstorm pages over the years about
this topics here
and here
I don't know if there is a feature request in bugzilla though.

The plugin does not work in GIMP 2.9 as the function it uses is
deprecated.  I am unable to log into the plugin registry or I would report
the bug I am having.  Here is the error I am getting.

WARNING: Plug-In "dynamic_brush_resize.py"
called deprecated procedure 'gimp-brushes-get-spacing'.
It should call 'gimp-brush-get-spacing' instead!

3 - Dynamic zoom
> A dynamic zoom directly with the mouse or tablet's stylus ... the keyboard
> shortcut (+) and (-) are difficult to use in painting session. Zoom tool
> becomes a bit annoying while painting ... every time you have to select via
> tool box or via keyboard zoom then painting, and to reselect again the
> paint tool.
> On MyPaint and Krita this feature is present, and they are similar
> behavior. On MyPaint, for instance, the zoom is enabled with Ctrl+Drag.

This is honistly one of the greatest features of My paint.  To very quickly
zoom in and out like this is so amazing. I would add shift+Drag to rotate
the image once that feature is done as well.

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