On 01/01/2012 10:27 AM, Daniel Smith wrote:
> Can I ask you, do you find that the official registry of plug ins
> is pretty up to date, or is/are there other lists or communities of
> plug ins out there?
> Just wondering.
> Dan

The plugin registry is the Mother Lode of optional GIMP power
tools.  But from time to time it is necessary to go to the authors'
websites, either for the latest version or, more often, for full
instructions on how to use the things.  And sometimes a plugin drops
off the Registry and has to be hunted down on the vast interwebs.

The Voronoi plugin I am using - the "old one" that generates texture
files from gradients - led me for a merry chase a while back.  It
rules, there is none higher, if you need to make a wide range of
tileable textures that don't look too repetitious.

The "about" text" says:

Voronoi 2.2
The ultimate GIMP pattern generator.
By David Nečas (Yeti).
E-mail: y...@physics.muni.cz
Web: http://trific.ath.cx/software/gimp-plugins/voronoi/

And hey, presto!  The long since dead page and the plugin itself are
in the Archive:



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