Maurice <> writes:

>   I would be most grateful if someone could confirm this (as it might be 
> some setting I've missed):
> With Gimp 2.7.4 (and presumably later), if you select 'Text' (the big 
> 'A'), then click somewhere on an image, two things will appear:
>   (1) At the place where you clicked, a 'dynamic' window* will appear
>   (2) Above it a text-entry window will appear.
> When text is entered into (2), it does *not* appear in (1).  Agreed?
>   (Whereas with Gimp 2.6, it *does*.)

With 2.8RC1:

(1) A window appears showing the current font settings
(2) A 'dynamic window' appears where the text entered appears.

Did you abuse the Font field of the font settings window for text entry?

I must admit that I haven't yet figured out how to use the font settings

-- Johan
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