On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 5:38 AM, Ken Warner wrote:
> Or instead of the GIMP developers assuming that the users of GIMP are too
> stupid to know what they want, they could just let the user make all the
> decisions in a modal fashion.
> If I start GIMP and generate a New file, bring up the usual file dialog with
> all the types of files that GIMP knows how to save and let the user select
> one filetype -- .xcf, jpeg, tiff -- whatever.  Then when the user eventually
> clicks Save, the file is saved as that type of file -- .xcf, jpeg, tiff --
> whatever.
> If the user wants to save it as a different type of file he clicks Save As
> and proceeds similarly to just about every other computer program that
> allows saving of work.  I am the better judge of what file format I want to
> save my work as than a programmer somewhere else in time and space.
> Why are the GIMP developers interposing their own preferences on all the
> people who use and support GIMP?  They are making this a much more
> complicated and contentious problem than it needs be

Dear Ken,

You simply don't understand the feature design process, and that leads
to all kinds of amusing interpretations such as the one you suggested

Let me explain you.

GIMP developers don't "interpose" their preferences on people these
days. Instead we go to our interaction architect and tell him: Hey
Peter, there is one more thing we don't like in GIMP, because it
causes certain issues for people. Can you provide as a solution.

Next thing that happens is that Peter asesses the situation, collects
information, listens to different opinions, analyzes all of that and
provides a specification.

This is how we do things. Whether you like the result or not is an
entirely different thing.

I can't demand that from you, but it would be nice if you asked first
and drew conclusions next.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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