On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 7:26 AM, Richard Gitschlag wrote:

> The lack of an ability to "save" in any file type but GIMP's native XCF is a
> necessary drawback for the change, but I do agree that it is an
> uncomfortable one for many users (myself sometimes included).
> If you compare Inkscape, it's a vector editor so its "Save" commands,
> despite all of the file formats it supports, are all vector document formats
> so if you want to rasterize it you use the "Export" command (which only
> supports PNG).

I think I can provide you some insight here.

Saving/exporting system in Inkscape is stuck in the middle of a
change. The proposal is to save only what Inkscape can really edit
(SVG, maybe EPS) and export everything it can't edit completely (DXF,
PDF etc) or can't edit at all (PNG). It hasn't been done yet, but it
will be done.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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