Count me on this. The previous behavior of Save/Save As was just fine. Save As 
did exactly what Export is doing now, without giving me grief over me format 
choice. Reason around it and praise the change as the holy frail if you want, 
it's still retarded and makes no sense. Save As doesn't overwrite the existing 
image, so there is no reason for the program to force this silly assed Export 
function on me or anyone else. Avoiding accidental overwrite using Save is 
avoided with a quick "are you sure?" dialog. Pushing this whole new system 
feels like training wheels to me. Assuming I'm not smart enough to not goof my 
own work.

Nevermind the preview function is apparently broken in the Export dialog. I 
went to save a small image as jpg in it, and it tells me the resulting file 
will be 1.3GB in size. In reality it ends up 193KB. 2.6 didn't have these 
issues. 2.6 worked in a fashion that made sense. Maybe I'll just go back to 
2.6. :-/

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