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> The branch where everything changes every day? The branch that's not
> recommended for daily use? Why? :)

Hmm, well, interesting question. I have 2.8 and 2.9 both running on my
computer. I thought there was a note on the gimp home page suggesting
that people try 2.9 and give feedback. But I can't find the note any
more and perhaps I was mistaken.

Gimp 2.9 works really well, for the limited things I've tried with it.
Except for that one bug, which involves 16-bit tiffs and probably the
developers already know about it because they specifically said 2.9
doesn't work with 16-bit tiffs. But if they don't know about it, it
would be a shame to not catch it sooner rather than later.

The bug, if it's really a bug and not simply a matter of "haven't
gotten there yet" is that when Gimp 2.9 opens a 16-bit tiff with a
linear gamma color space embedded, it "auto-corrects" by giving the
image a 2.2 gamma correction, which makes the image too light,
requiring a counter 0.45 gamma correction to fix.

But if no-one is interested in having a plain old every day user give
feedback on how Gimp 2.9 is working, then that means I don't need to
worry about figuring out how to make bug reports. Either way is fine
with me.

Elle Stone
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