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> Unless you've pulled current code from git and compiled it, there is
> no "Gimp 2.9".  The current release version is 2.8, which recently
> replaced 2.6.  I would imagine those are the two versions that you're
> running side-by-side.  Use Help->About to verify.

I pulled current code from git and compiled it. I also compiled babl,
gegl from git. I also downloaded source code and compiled gdk-pixbuf,
glib, and gtk+ as the versions in the OpenSuse 12.1 weren't current

2.9 "About GIMP" says 2.9.1 and there is a little yellow hard hat on
the Gimp mascot, he's holding a paintbrush in his mouth. It says "goat
invasion" when opening 2.9 and the splash screen has an orange
background. Under Image, in addition to "mode" you now find

2.8 "About" says GIMP 2.8.0-RC1. And the mascot isn't wearing a hard
hat. The splash screen is green. "Precision" isn't an option under

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