On Thu, 2012-06-14 at 11:45 -0700, Angela D wrote:
> I spent a lot of time editing this photo and when I uploaded it into
> gimp to further edit and attempted to save, it would not.

Note for the future - use Save to save a copy in xcf or xcf.gz format if
you will be working on it again. If there is only one layer then save in
png so other programs can open it. Then, use File->export (or in gimp
2.6 or before, file->save) to save a snapshot in jpg, e.g. for the Web.

Second note - if there are error messages when you save, make sure the
saved file is OK before quitting - this is try with any program, not
only GIMP.

I've lost a lot of work when the power went out in an unexpected storm,
and been frustrated too, so I do know how it feels.

My guess is that your disk is full, or you ran out of memory, because
there's no image in the file you sent.  It's possible it was a bug in
gimp, but without knowing exactly what you mean by "I uploaded it into
gimp to further edit and attempted to save, it would not" we can't be
sure.  For example, how exactly did gimp refuse to save? Was there no
save menu item? Was "Save" there but when you tried you got a message
saying it didn't work? What message exactly? There are more than a
thousand possible messages you could have got, many not from gimp but
from your computer or your network, and if there _is_ a bug it's not
going to be possible to fix it without knowing that. Otherwise you might
as well say "my car is doing something wrong and won't go and now we had
to stop in Bognor Regis overnight so you must tell me what is wrong with
my car" - the mechanic will want to know if it has fuel, if there are
warning lights, and if it stopped before or after it hit the brick
wall :-) :-)



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