Just a thought, that I don't think anybody's suggested yet,
is what operating system are you using?
I mean I know you said you did a lot of work on it before
you took it into Gimp, so perhaps you have still a version of
it that is pre-Gimp somewhere else, CD USB etc, or better
yet, might be able to access a backup point on Win 7 or Time
Machine etc on Mac to go back to a previous version?
I've never even set up . Machine on mine, but I see it is
available, and I have used restore points on Windows 7, which
actually worked amazingly well...
Just a thought.

On 6/17/12, Liam R E Quin <l...@holoweb.net> wrote:
> On Thu, 2012-06-14 at 11:45 -0700, Angela D wrote:
>> I spent a lot of time editing this photo and when I uploaded it into
>> gimp to further edit and attempted to save, it would not.
> Note for the future - use Save to save a copy in xcf or xcf.gz format if
> you will be working on it again. If there is only one layer then save in
> png so other programs can open it. Then, use File->export (or in gimp
> 2.6 or before, file->save) to save a snapshot in jpg, e.g. for the Web.
> Second note - if there are error messages when you save, make sure the
> saved file is OK before quitting - this is try with any program, not
> only GIMP.
> I've lost a lot of work when the power went out in an unexpected storm,
> and been frustrated too, so I do know how it feels.
> My guess is that your disk is full, or you ran out of memory, because
> there's no image in the file you sent.  It's possible it was a bug in
> gimp, but without knowing exactly what you mean by "I uploaded it into
> gimp to further edit and attempted to save, it would not" we can't be
> sure.  For example, how exactly did gimp refuse to save? Was there no
> save menu item? Was "Save" there but when you tried you got a message
> saying it didn't work? What message exactly? There are more than a
> thousand possible messages you could have got, many not from gimp but
> from your computer or your network, and if there _is_ a bug it's not
> going to be possible to fix it without knowing that. Otherwise you might
> as well say "my car is doing something wrong and won't go and now we had
> to stop in Bognor Regis overnight so you must tell me what is wrong with
> my car" - the mechanic will want to know if it has fuel, if there are
> warning lights, and if it stopped before or after it hit the brick
> wall :-) :-)
> Best,
> Liam
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