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> On Sat, 30 Jun 2012 20:01:32 +0400
> Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre.prokoud...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > "most of the people who like it have nothing much to say about the
> Which means that _you_ take the liberty of assigning sentiments to
> people who do not express their opinion. You effectively say:
> 'The people who say nothing much on the subject, like it change'.

I think it's generally acceptable to all that this particular conversion
had been dominated by a relative handful of loud complainers. Besides the
original thread, the other ones which keep popping up seem to indicate
authors which have specifically signed up for this list to rant (since they
obviously did not read the previous complaints).

It gets boring after a while, more so for devs even. Just give it a rest
and stop using gimp if this is such a pain. Despite the noise, I haven't
actually seen much evidence for there being a significant number affected.
Not that an open source project is necessarily a democracy anyway.
> So, how do you know, if they don't say anything, that they actually
> _like_ it? Maybe they don't like it, but don't want to add to the
> 'hundreds of mails already exchanged about the matter'.
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