On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 6:43 PM, houghi wrote:

>> > If the "no's" you mentioned have been lacking arguments like this "no",
>> > then it's not surprising that the community keeps pushing.
>> First of all, the community isn't pushing. You are not the community,
>> nor few dozens of people are.
> So how many would make it a yes?

It doesn't even matter.

> Just curious. I have more often seen that
> developers said no and when asked, it was becuse the majority was not
> against it and they calculated the silent majority as well.

I've no idea what developers you are talking about, but that weren't
GIMP developers.

> Also often the amount of peope should not be a reason. The reason should
> more often be reasoning.


>> Also, it _was_ explained in great many details.
> Do you have a pointer? ie a URL with all the information and explanation
> about why and/or why not.

Apart from http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/Save_%2B_export_specification ? No.

Maybe it would make sense compiling all replies from Peter and other
folks into another wiki page, but personally I don't feel like going
through the whole discussion again to pick useful bits.

> Also I would be interested in knowing if the
> default can be changed easily. e.g. I always work with jpg files.

It can't.

> As is with communities, you need to do the explanation more then once or
> provide where it can be found.

I've already done the explanation more than once. What's your point?

Alexandre Prokoudine
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