> I've been looking all over but there are just no CentOS (or RHEL for
> that matter) packages for the latest version of GiMP.  Compiling from
> source doesn't even seem to be a good option either as it looks as if
> it will break the whole OS the way things are set up.
> This is no way to build an application!  Applications and OSes should
> never be tied so closely together.
> I like GiMP 2.8 for Windows a lot and would prefer to run it under
> CentOS as that is my main desktop OS.  I have given up on Fedora
> because of the unholy abomination GNOME has become.

Packaging is not a developers problem, talk to the CentOS people?

I have a KDE version of Fedora 17, 2.8 came with that.

Also have Gnome and XFCE versions of Fedora 17, prefer the KDE.


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