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>> Why would developers choose to shut us out like this?

>We don't do any Linux packaging. We encourage you to become the first
>team member who does it.

>Alexandre Prokoudine

I got pretty close last night.  Seems I have a lot to learn about a few things, 
but one thing is for certain.  It is precisely because of GTK and GEGL and BABL 
that I can't get GiMP 2.8 running on my machine.

I actually had it running last night, but once I rebooted, I couldn't log into 
GNOME.  The results were semi-expected though.  I even generated el6.x86_64 
RPMs for the installation.  The problems are all about dependencies.  And 
that's the thing... is the crime GiMP's fault or is it GNOME's fault?  After 
all, GNOME is depending on GTK... GiMP Toolkit.  So when GiMP updates its 
tooklit, people running older versions of GNOME can't run it or any 
applications which depend on it.

I reversed the damage this morning after some hours of hacking through 
dependencies finally enabling everything to work after "zlib" getting restored 
to its previous version.  

I might give this another try in the future.  It has been a learning experience 
to be sure.  But it has revealed what I believe are philisophical flaws in GiMP 
and/or GNOME which I think should be resolved.

If GiMP created an alternative set of libraries for the application versus the 
general toolkit, everything would work easily.  On the other hand, if GNOME 
didn't rely on GTK, it would also work easily.  We are suffering from an 
unclear line between OS/Operating Environment and Application.  Once those 
separations are made clear and distinct, there will be no such problems for 

How do I get this shared with developers?

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