On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 12:30 PM, Paul Naude wrote:
> Hi Gimpers
> I only recently upgraded to 2.8 from 2.6 and was wondering if I am the only
> one missing the option to edit the file extension in the SAVE form which
> basically allowed you to Save, Save Copy, Save As or Export to any format
> from the same form?
> I also found it strange that if I now open a JPG file (or drag into GIMP), I
> can't save changes (to the JPG) directly (it wants to save to native Gimp
> format), so I again first have to go to Export instead!
> I am wondering why this was incorporated, and if it's going to stay, is
> there a setting I can set to work like I am used to (and find much faster
> and more flexible)?

Hello, Paul!

Welcome: you've reached the sacred land of eternal struggle saving
your stuff back to lossy files :)

This is a design decision that cannot be reverted as a user
preferences and will not be reverted in code.

Further reading:


Additionally you can spend few days reading just the archives of this
very mialing list for the past few months. Just make sure you don't
read them aloud or, at least, there are no kids around. Youngsters
tend to pick most horrible words.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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