On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 7:49 PM, Paul Naude wrote:
> Thanks for the reply Ken
> It sounds like you received such a reply once and if that indeed is true, it
> is very sad, because when we start closing doors to the masses, we are on
> our way to become isolated and later forgotten, regardless of what great
> things we might have accomplished.


As for "closing doors to the masses", here is an example. I'm in the
process of interviewing a free software developer who does software,
where each release is downloaded like 400 times. Around the globe. And
there are, like, 2 releases a year.

Yet the guy has his own little grateful community and is more than
happy to interact with it.

So here is something I'd like you to understand: the point is not
about trying to make everyone happy. The point is to work for a target
audience and make the right tool for it, while having lots of fun,
because you are interacting with people who understand your decisions
and speak same language as yours.

You can see it as alienation. Well, _I_ see it as a chance for other
developers to create new / improve existing editors that would appeal
to a wider audience that didn't agree with the direction we've chosen.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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