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Alessia (ale...@gmail.com) wrote:
> I'm really asking because I'm not pro and I don't want to became but
> I'm, say, an amateur that us, for now, GImp in quite basic way ( or
> better in a purpose oriented way) and this thing of the exporting
> behavior is quite annoying ( to me) especially because there no
> choice to change it, but might be not the only problem.

Yes, we are targeting professional users when doing further development
on the user interface.

However, please do not take this as a rejection of non-professionals. It
is basically a guideline at whose needs we look first, when we have no
idea what to do. We want to streamline the use for professionals, but if
there is something we can do to help the non-pro - and it does not
interfere with the "professionals" workflow it probably will be
considered and added.

We certainly do not have the goal to make life harder for non-pros.

The whole save vs. export discussion unfortunately is not very
productive, since a group of very vocal people has decided that we did
this just to alienate them and their workflow. At the same time they
choose to just disregard our explanations as stupid and/or pointless.

I see and fully understand that this change is quite disruptive on
established usage patterns and finger-memory-habits, but we were fully
aware of this and firmly believe, that the change is one for the better.

We believe that it is not impossible to adapt to a new keyboard shortcut
and we gain a lot of confidence in the program, because it no longer
lies about the "saved" state of my multi-layered image. Which - to my
understanding - is something even non-pros deal with soon after starting
with the Gimp. Unless of course they just use Gimp as a fancy format
conversion and color correction tool.

I hope this helps,
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